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Title: Dream Flow
Author: David JaffinClick here to get further informations
Language: english
Category: Poem
Date/Time: 2006
Pages: 312
ID: 26708
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Keywords: Charles, Dream flow, In coming New Orleans:, Requiem for a city, A blind visitor, When, The lute, Deafness, This cold's, Dressing out, For colorings, The moon, Unsettled, Anonymous, Icicled, 3 Biblical persons, Innocent Hommage a, Viktor Frankl, Haydn's 99th, Pussy willow Stuttgart:, Landesmuseum (3), Romeo and Juliet (5), Silver-shined, Freeing, A brilliance, Seeing, Ghettoed, Spanish poems, Chess-board situations, A single rose, A sense of protection, A Humpty-Dumpty, Dummies, Frozen landscape Nathaniel Pink's, confessions, My mother at 95, Theodore, Melody, Hades, Growing old's, Origins, White houses, Where ever, Scare-crowed, Horses, For Michael, Undertoned, Low grade, Impulsed, Two sides, Poems from Dallas, His, A child's, That house, Two ways, Home-coming 1945, Chalk-lines, Timed out, Sylvius Weisses', Violin Concerto, Melting, Fragile line, Proud, St. Bernard, Nathaniel Pink's, Two drinks were enough 80 That twelve-year-old, Of self-sufficiency, For Rosemarie, The same fish, Stasi, Schubert, Divorced, Some Brahms, Man on crutches, "The Jews were getting out ofhand", Helmut, A farewell, My mother, Antigone a la Brecht, New Orleans, Wallace Stevens at the YMHA, What of Frankl's first wife 90 Caravaggio, Philemon and Baucis, Otherwise, Untouched, Swings, Cows, Cranach's "Adultress", Fool that I am, Walking backwards, Snow late, Hermited, Chinese fish, Vermeer study, Necklace, Touch-finds, If Macke, Non judgmental, So much, Wooded height, Hunter's scent, St. Francis preaching to the birds, Vertigo, Nielsen on his 4th, Compromising, The fox's, Nathaniel Pink's, A professional lady's, Thorned branch, King David's, Grown old, Lake reed, What is or isn't, "Who knew not Joseph" 107 Suspending, Out sized, Darkening shadows, Icicle-tensed, Waiting for death's, Blood steps, Flat seeing, No big themes, Chalked-in meanings, Emmanuel Kant's, Only Christ, Luther's unfailing voice, In-purposed, When Goethe, John 21, Worked up, The slow sway, Those falling-down stairs 116 Rock-priviledged, Off racing, Here, From its other sides, For Rosemarie, Dart game's, Hosea, On his high horse, The final good, For Chloe Levine, Sibelius, Hommage a Homer, "The Calling of Matthew" 122 Nathaniel Pink's moralizing acquisitions, Nathaniel Pink setded down, Actor, Chinese garden's, Oudived, Don't waken, Bunched flowers, We got here first, Of winged uncertainties 127 Shadow boxing, Black and white, Heavy persons, First, Buried with his bones, Only once, Magritte's world, After sense, These flowers, That white house, Requiem for the Jews of Poland, Gatsby land, Wider, Solo part, Circling, Rope jumping, Holbein's Last Supper, Hung out, "Can't quite place", A tough way A cause Their marriage Rosemarie Cramped Pink, "Don't let it get you down" These buds Revealing through Pain, Phantomed After a painting Silver-shine Tensions "Finding oneself', For Rosemarie, Halloween, Deaf, Retribution So many Revealed Two-sided self Annunciation Moving in to dream Watering the The other side of Berries, Jeremiah's lamentations, Nürnberg, For Rosemarie, Nassauer Keller, Mary, The Angel, Down below
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